Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Your Sex Type?

Inherent to the nature of man, as well as the type of style love someone What matters is you understand that none of the following eight types better from each other. Which types are you?

Traditionalists filled with warm passion, which they release by standard methods. When talking about sex, they feel comfortable to do it, talk about it, and they generally are a good partner because watching what their partner wants. The traditionalists are most appropriate for the type of traditionalist, introverted, and intellectual.

Type Introvert
The introvert like physical proximity, but they were a little bit shy to start the sex. Sexually, most of this type matches the traditional type, the type of initiator, and type, although the introvert kontradiktor can cooperate well with each other sex type.

Type Kontradiktor
Kontradiktor The cautious and conservative. But I tell you, in the wild in their hearts. They tend to be sexually dominant and prefer when their partners showed the same interest. They can match every type of sex, but naturally the most suitable partner is with fellow kontradiktor type, type meek, and the type of Maverick (the type of person who is not conventional).

Type Fantasy
The fantasy is very happy to talk and dream about sex and when to have sex, the dreams they realisasikan. Fantasy types are compatible with other types of fantasy, but their passion can rise to the type of Maverick and the type of initiator.

Property Type
Intellectuals love to talk about, think, and analyze about sex in general though they are not being provocative at the time of practice. Intellectuals fit with other intellectual types, but they also can work together well with the type of traditionalist and obedient type. Intellectual types can also have a warm, passionate sex with other types, if they want.

Type conforming
The meek is very obedient but still have an attitude. They know how to finish their tasks but also want a partner who does the hard part. Nature they always wanted to know, want to develop themselves and at the time of sexual intercourse tends to always try hard to satisfy their partner. They fit with the type of initiator, kontradiktor, and Maverick.

Initiator Type
The preferred initiator to control than follow. They will come clean to her partner about what they want, how to do it, and for how long. Initiator type is compatible with the type of willing, but also can work together well with the type of introvert and type of fantasy.

Maverik type (type of person who is not conventional)
The Mavericks are provocative, adventurous, and do not be shy. If they want to have sex can do it anywhere. When they hear something new about sex, usually they want to try it. The Maverick pleased when his partner responded to an aggressive and adventurous with their balance. They fit with other types of Maverick and the type and the type of submissive fantasy.

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