Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

8 Clothes That Make Men Scratch Heads

Most of the men may be admitted if their partner likes wearing a sexy silk dress, mini, or lace. But there are some types of clothing and accessories that will only make them scratching their heads because they do not understand why women choose it.

Glamor magazine wrote some of them, among others:

- High waist jeans

Most of the men claimed the woman who wears pants like this remind them of their primary school teachers.

- Harem pants

Many men feel like haunted MC Hammer or Aladdin when he saw a woman wearing pants.

- Tie the head hippie

Men rate popularized headband star television series The OC, Mischa Barton was funny but in a weird way. They think women who wear it as if confused when choosing clothes to wear belts in the head.

- Hats

If you are spending the day outside the room, wearing a hat are the right choice to protect the head and hair. But other than that, do not ever, ever thought to use it.

- Very high-heeled shoes

Shoes with a very high right tends to make the wearer of pain, and pain that will emanate from the water on his face. The men do like women with feet that look level, but they also claimed not comfortable seeing their partner in pain. This does not mean you should continue to wear sneakers, wear high heels if you did not need too much standing.

- A large tote bag full of accessories

Men can not understand to see a large tote bag complete with an iron ring, chain handles, and so on. You can bring the whole room in it. If you are forced to carry large bags, choose a classic and simple having a certain model.

- Clothing man

Not all women can dress like Diane Keaton in the movie Annie Hall. If you really want stylish androgyny, not so total and all the accessories he wore. Maintain your femininity with only taking one course.

- Bodysuit

Unless you intend to swim or go to a costume party as Catwoman, should keep these clothes in the deepest part of your closet.

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