Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

About lesbianism

Not all lesbians look tomboyish style alias is like a man. Many lesbians also found the style like a normal woman, the feminine. Prof. according Koentjoro PhD, Professor of Psychology UGM, as he had been launched Java Pos.

From about the attitude and behavior of characters, a lesbian feels himself a man but a woman trapped in the body. Prof. Koentjoro call their form with the term "priawan". This is certainly the opposite of transgenders. Type is likely to be looking for heterosexual women as life partner.

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That is, the sexual orientation of the dominant male. However, unlike the case with pure lesbian. The belief in another lesbian sex, will make them always looking for a lesbian couple who are also women. Lesbian like it, will look very feminine. Like most women in the female body. In fact, his behavior might be more subtle than women in general.

Bagimana characteristics usually appear? In general, the homosexual who has sex roles tend to change. Because of that, look at the lesbian, the nature of the force his manhood. Although this is hidden, but will keep looking male characters. It is only because lesbians tend to be closed because of the demands that drive the culture at the level of normative life.

Of course this could be said of a disorder. In sex with other women, they will still have an orgasm. Usually, they are using sexual aids. According to research, there is also the possibility, the lesbian was originally just wanted to enjoy sexual intercourse, but they are afraid of pregnancy. For that reason, they finally fell into it.

In addition, lesbians are vulnerable to consume drugs. Initially, of course, only to fantasize and seek sensation. That's usually done in order to invite the passion for other lesbians. This is different from the case of a tomboy girl who just simply want to look like a man.

There are many factors that cause them to fall into this problem. Generally, factors that influence women become lesbians can be caused by life experiences. Starting from a parent upbringing, survive life, lifestyle, until the element of revenge.

For example, the role of fathers in the household that often hurt her mother. Or, he himself may have been hurt by the men. It can evoke the soul lesbianism. In addition, can also be caused by hormonal factors. Male hormones are stronger than the female hormones.

Even so, this lesbian could be cured. Provided, there is a will and determination. Adolescence is a very vulnerable time and become vulnerable point of emergence of lesbianism. If that happens, should immediately consult a psychologist.

Would be a very fatal mistake when a woman actualize herself in a lesbian community. If a lesbian wants to heal, he should first have to get out of the lesbian community. He will not be able to recover, but instead will fall further into it.

Generally, a lesbian community is really just a container feeling and soul-sepenanggungan fate. Before the symptoms of addiction (dependence) that appears. If you join a community, a lesbian it would fall further and further inside. (yz)

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