Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Internet addicts are people Stress?

Not only to find the latest news, reading books, paying electricity bills, to vent with friends in other parts of the world can now easily be done using the internet facility.

I think, our lives can not be separated from the Internet. In fact, waking up too did the first time is to open the Internet to update the status on the social networking site.

However, watch out when your time surfing in cyberspace is already in the addiction zone. Latest study showed that 1.2 percent of people who are addicted to the internet tended to get depressed. This conclusion is generated based on a survey conducted online of 1310 internet users.

Respondents in the survey aged 16-51 years. They questioned the duration of Internet usage and purpose. The respondents were also given a series of questions to see if they suffer from depression.

Researchers found that the number of respondents have a high urge to surf to shift the social life in the real world. They prefer to communicate through social networking sites or chat rooms. As many as 1.2 percent of respondents considered the Internet addict. They interact more in social networking sites, gambling or porn site.

Chief researcher Dr Catriona Morrison, said that in this modern world the internet holds a very important role, but accompanied by the dark side. Internet junkies depression is more vulnerable than ordinary Internet users.

"Many Internet users are more easily take care of bills, reply to e-mail, or shopping. However, they also claim hard to limit the time to use the internet to disrupt the real life," he explained.

Morrison reveals, is not known whether excessive Internet use causes depression, or they are depressed people who submerge themselves in cyberspace.

DrVaugn Bell of the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London said, by definition, people who "Internet addiction" was emotionally depressed. Thus, he argues that the results of this study are not surprising.

This study reinforces previous studies which stated that people affected by stress or anxiety tend to use the Internet more often than people who emotionally stable. According to experts, the way someone in socializing will impact on mental health.

"The Internet addicts began to lose the meaning of friendship because replacing them with virtual friends on social networking. This may affect their mental health," said Sophie Corlett of Mind Mental Health Charity.

He added, socialization should be done through face-to-face activities, and direct interaction is one factor that makes our mental state is always in good health. After all, humans are social beings.

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