Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Experience with Gay

This man is trying to eliminate the memories of her past when a relationship with a gay man and trying to live a normal life as a heterosexual male.

"I am a man aged 29 years. Two years ago, when boarding in Jakarta, I have lived in the gay world. For two years I lived with a man who was a year younger. During that time I had a sexual relationship as gay couples. I feel strange why could do that, whereas before I was not gay.

Once I had a boyfriend, then broke up because of the different religions. When going out, I have never had sex, although there is a desire. My boyfriend always refused when it comes to having sex.

Now I have a relationship with a 25-year-old girl. I feel loved him, so did my girlfriend. The problem is, why if kissing him, I often remember my first gay boyfriend?

Since I separated from her boyfriend's gay, I'm trying to strong so as not to see him again. She sometimes calls me, but I only respond to mediocre. When he began to mention that once, I immediately decided that phone with a variety of reasons. I want to live like a normal man.

Am I gay? Can I get a normal life like most men? How do I no longer affected by what I do first? How can the shadow of the past with gay did not come again?
M.K, Jateng

Determined efforts
One of the causes of homosexual behavior are environmental influences, in addition to other factors. Conditions for boarding in Jakarta seems to cause you to associate closely with the homosexual men. Proximity was later transformed into a more personal relationship, including sexual relations.

Events like this can indeed happen. This is called lingungan factors as the cause of homosexual behavior. So it might happen you have a boyfriend who used women and homosexual relationships.

The problem is, now you want a normal life as a male heterosexual and homosexual images of the past often appears. This is what must be a struggle because you have a relationship with a girl.

Your attitude is not going to meet again with the gay friends, it has been a very appropriate step. After all, you try to move away from an old friend's phone. This attitude must keep your grasp and do.

Furthermore, if the shadow of the past appear, get rid of and do not be lulled late. Remember your boyfriend a girl who loves you. Only with determined efforts so you will be able to forget the past and live as a normal heterosexual male.

If you are not able to perform homosexual contact for two years after parting with him, you must keep to the next.

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