Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Errors Driving While Female

Today motorist or motorcycle on a highway is no longer dominated by men. Vehicles, especially cars, driven by weaker sex are also passed on the streets of many cities, especially in big cities.

Kasi Dikmas Polda Metro Jaya Kompol Aniek Nurhairani said, although the number of traffic accidents happen more men, women does not mean that drivers should relieved and proud. The problem, not a few women who with reckless conduct other activities, such as wearing makeup, while driving.

In a talk show about improving public awareness of the safety of women driving in the Atrium Indonesia Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta, Saturday night, Nurhairani say, 1071 people died in traffic accidents in the scope of the Polda Metro Jaya during the year 2009.

"That means one day there was 3 to 4 people died of traffic accidents," he said. Although the traffic accident victims more male, Nurhairani said, women often make the mistake of driving through, starting from the phone and send SMS, to wear false eyelashes, apply lipstick or make-up.

"It's damaging concentration of driving, thus endangering themselves and other drivers," said Nurhairani.

In fact, one visitor events held in the framework of Good Year anniversary of the 75 are claimed to wear make-up while driving is no longer unusual. "I actually never change clothes when driving," said the bespectacled woman. Nurhairani also suggested that business or makeup done before changing clothes or marginalized drive vehicles off the road.

The same thing is said Environment Putri Indonesia 2009, Zukhiriatul Hafizah. Although used in the early days can drive a car he used to dress up when driving, the woman who was familiarly called Fizah gradually realize that act of harming others. "Make-up it's demands for most women. But now I am always in a state already dressed when he was behind the wheel, "said Miss Indonesia who actively campaigned on this environmentally friendly driving.

In addition, Nurhairani also suggested that women who are not familiar with sandals or high heels (high heels) to not try driving with high heels. "If not used should not have to wear high heels while driving," said Nurhairani.

Meanwhile, female drivers Rally Marina provides tips on safe driving for women. According to the Rally, women should not only know how to drive a car, but also understand about car maintenance. "Do not be a hard-hard. Before getting into the car to travel, see the first glimpse of a flat tire or not, "said long-haired woman.

"Then, every gas at a refueling station, check again the condition of tires. Now that's a lot of gas station that provides facilities for the wind filling the tires, "he continued.

Rally also suggested, if the woman driver's car tire in the middle of the road, it's good to see the situation around first before out of the vehicle and took the jack.

"If quiet or dark location, you should run the car slowly into a crowded place, light, or a police office. This is to prevent crime, "said Rally. "Running a car in a flat tire can ruin velk indeed, but more importantly our lives," he added.

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